I’m Charmaine Grace


Explorer, Guide, Seeker, Finder, Lover, Mother, Designer, Creator.

This is my journey and offering.

Through Artistry in Play I am sharing my voice with the world.






Study is my obsession.

Solitude offers escape.

Presence is important.

Freedom is my intention.


I’m training myself to feel.

I’m learning to set boundaries.

I’m “saying what needs to be said”.

I’m facing my fears

I’m raising awareness.

I’m releasing attachments.




I grew up in Sydney, Australia with my mum and younger sister Vanessa.

My big vision is the creation of public sculpture pieces that invite people to explore, play and connect.

I’ve been on the journey to create Cloudscape since 2015.  It’s my offering for world peace.

I’ve been training in aikido since 1998.  I love that I get to keep learning, stretching, connecting and getting grounded.

I’m 5 with a 4 wing on the Enneagram.

I’m obsessed with the Enneagram.

Gardening makes me feel connected to life.

Clarity is my most desired feeling.

Music inspires me.

Daily rituals help me evolve.

Writing helps me clear my mind.

I’ve spent my life searching for ‘the meaning of life’ (right now I think it’s a circle).




I have a phobia of talking on phones.

I have a phobia of interacting on Facebook.

Coffee is my special treat.

Evening beach swims in warm surf are my bliss.

I live in paradise on the mid-north coast of NSW, Australia.

I’m mum to a 10 year old boy, Joey.  Joey’s dad passed away in 2013 at age 74.

Joey is a profound gift.  He lights up my world.

I studied architecture over a period of 15.5 years and always found myself designing organic buildings.

This page, like my life, is in a constant state of evolution.