Aiki Kai Aikido

Waterfall Way dojo



Regular classes

Teacher : Barry Ford 4th dan

WEDNESDAYS  6.00-7.30pm

THURSDAYS  6.00-7.00pm



Please note: we do not currently have a children’s class. 

Students must be 16 years or over to train.

To confirm training or ask questions contact:


0418 893 179






An aikido perspective


mind  body  spirit


“The divine is not something high above us.  
It is in heaven, it is in earth, it is inside us”
Morihei Ueshiba







What is an aikido perspective?


To me an ‘aikido’ perspective is a ‘meta’ look at the world.

It is looking at the world from many perspectives and finding acceptance, flow and alignment in any situation.

An aikido perspective views the world from the levels of body, mind and spirit.

Aikido action aligns spirit with body, heaven with earth, shifting perspectives, extending and surrendering.

Practicing aikido brings me into my body, into the moment, into connection, out of my head and into the interconnectedness of all things.

All different people study aikido, and get different benefits, depending on what they are seeking.

I have an idea of to gather the perspectives of all sorts of long term practitioners.  I’m also especially interested in those student who take their training into their art.  Stay tuned.

I’ve been training in aikido about 17 years now, after a shift from karate.

I love the philosophical dimension of aikido.

By exploring and musings about aikido, I hope to bring

mind – spirit – body

 into alignment.

Because frankly,

I can tend to get my mind in a twist

when it comes to aikido.

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Why aikido ?


Aikido offers different benefits to different people.

For me it offers a way of connecting with myself and others, while also developing a grounding and centring in the body.

Aikido offers endless opportunities to learn and explore, and a way to understand the world at a level of essence.

I see aikido as a way of stretching and connecting with mind, body and spirit.

Come back later for :

‘a playful exploration

of the art of aikido’


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