Size guide


There are 6 ring sizes :


5.5,   6.5,   8.0,   9.0,   10.5,   11.5

XXS      XS       S        M         L          XL


The sizes range from about a 5 year old’s middle finger up to a typical men’s middle finger.  This is a big range, so with only six sizes, perfect sizing may not be possible, but there will be a ring to fit you in some way.  Your ring can also be hung on a necklace or attached to a keyring.

A rough guide for working out your ring size is below.  Specific measurements are further below with inside diameter and circumference of the ring shown (millimeters).

If you are confused or unsure about your size and would like extra support, send me a photo of your hand and say which finger you would like to wear it on (I prefer my middle finger) and I will get back to you with my thoughts.  Email me at :  charmaine @

The images below may also help you to work out your size (more hand images coming soon).



Rough size guide

5.5  XXS  – toddler middle finger, small adult little finger

6.5  XS  – kid size, XSmall woman middle finger, Small woman ring finger

8.0 S   – Small woman middle finger

9.0  M  – Med woman middle finger

10.5   – Large woman middle finger

11.5  XL  – Average men’s middle finger



Specific measurements

size   diameter (mm)  /  circumference (mm)

5.5   16.1  /  51

6.5    16.9  /  53

8.0     18.2  /  57

9.0   18.9  /  59

10.5   20.2  /  63

11.5   21.1  /  66



size 5.5 and 6.5 on 10yo boy

size 6.5 on 10yo boy

size 5.5 – little finger

size 6.5 – ring finger

size 8.0 – middle finger

size 9.0 – thumb

male hand

size 11.5 – middle finger

size 9.0 – ring finger

Choosing my size


I have a pretty average to slight female hand and my middle finger is a Small ring size (8.0).  I have two very fine boned female friends who are size 5.5 (XXS) on their middle fingers, smaller than most children’s hands which is usually a size 6.5 (XS).

If I wanted to wear my ring on my ring finger I would need the size down ie. a size 6.5 (XS) down from size 8.0 (S).  Size 5.5 (XXS) would fit on my little finger.

The Medium size (9.0) is for slightly thicker that thin fingers.

Large (size 10.5) is also a common size for thicker female middle fingers.

Size 11.5 (XL) is a popular men’s size.