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It is October 23 and I am in a process of radical clearing of my space to make way for a transformation in how I relate with the world.  Sorting through papers I’ve come across a mastermind update from a year ago.  At that time I was working at a relative new job (at the nursing home), deep diving into the Enneagram, and had just finished a course called Shine Your Light.  I was booked in for the SXS* Sculpture in Public Space conference, focused on my vision of creating Cloudscape.  I was working on a new blog post, and in the process of making a video.  

One year later and things have shifted significantly.  The biggest shift has been taking my business concept and putting it ‘out to market’ by actually running a market stall to promote and sell the rings.  Most significant from this has been that I am actually selling the rings.  This year has really been focused on bringing the Circles of Life rings ‘to life’.  They are evolving.  My first ring sold on Saturday was ‘evolve’ to a lovely boy from Joey’s soccer team.

So Cloudscape has been shifted into the background for now, and I am fully focused of making the Circles of Life rings a profitable venture that brings lots of joy, connection and clarity to lots of people.    I’m still doing courses.  This time I have just officially finished a course called Feminine Power, which has been quite a wonderful and transformative experience (which I am still in the middle of) and I have just started a course called The Copy Cure – to help me with my writing which is about right where I’m up to right now.  

Cloudscape is evolving at it’s own pace.

I have taken a big leap of faith by asking for nine weeks of leave from my regular job over the Christmas school holidays, to focus both on being with Joey and launching my business.  WORDS|CIRCLES|LIFE is my means of finding focus and purpose and evolving myself.  

In the past year, while working at the nursing home, I have:

  • updated to a new website at
  • created video for Circles of Life rings
  • completed small business course component for writing my business plan and creating financial tables
  • developed the vision for my business with much more clarity
  • create a word guide as both a physical book and an e-book
  • created a ring display unit and stock box that was intended for set-up in shops but has now been used at my market stall setup.
  • started market stalls (6 done now)

Words | Circles | Life is my business.  It’s overarching vision encompasses writing, creation, spirit and human relations.  Under the umbrella of WORDS|CIRCLES|LIFE I am creating Circles of Life rings and other creations, including Cloudscape.  I am exploring through writing, and words, and circles, and life.  Over 20 years of studying and practicing aikido has had me embody the circular nature of life.  I am fascinated by sacred circles, and inspired by the purity, clarity and perfection of the circle, and the sense of wholeness that it implies, and how it can be used as a tool for understanding life.  

Clear expression is a dream of mine, and one that I have struggled with, having lived in an almost permanent state of confusion and uncertainty that inspired me to explore and study, but robbed me of my acceptance with the simplicity of what is, in this moment.  I love that the rings are such a simple and pure form of self expression.  

Given that the rings are a perfect present to give to others for Christmas, and to yourself for the new year, I need to get moving on promoting the rings online.  That is where I am currently up to.

Though the word I chose at the beginning of this year was ‘INSPIRED’, the word I have mostly enjoyed wearing has been ‘life’.  In part this has been related to my focus on making the rings concept a reality, and a reminder that I am on a journey, which is changing and evolving.

I will post this now, along with the beautiful image of Joey, hiding behind spinning wheel of a rainbow umbrella.

Onwards and upwards.