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Humans need PLAY to learn and evolve


I create play sculptures that invite exploration and connection.



Welcome to Artistry in Play.  

This is where I birthed my dreams of creating public sculptures for connection and play in public spaces.


Most action now happens on my other website:

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This sculpture piece is my current main focus.

Archived webpage of Cloudscape is here.


A pared down version of Cloudscape.

Pause is a more subtle expression on the landscape, without the concrete spheres but still with plenty of opportunities to explore, play and move about the space.

Pause is a ‘comma’, a place to pause, and to shift your thinking.

Vortex 2.0

An evolution of Vortex, this is a solid form of the original Vortex with circular holes all over that bring in light and act as handholds for climbing.  The piece is embedded with circular mirrors that allow the piece to reflect the environment and at times sparkle and come to life.


The Big question is whether you are going to be able

to say a hearty Yes to your Adventure.

– Joseph Campbell



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Orly Grace
B.Sc(Architecture) USyd 1992
B.Architecture UNSW 2005

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