Why should play stop at childhood?


I create play sculptures that invite ALL AGES to connect.









Vortex 2.0 is the piece I am currently working towards.  This is a permanent piece evolving from the bones of Vortex.


Cloudscape is the sculpture project I’ve been envisioning for the past four years.  The model and details are still being developed.


Pause .. The most recent development with Cloudscape is a shift with regards to the next steps for this piece.  

Pause includes the ramp and geodesic dome structure creating a defined public space for a different kind of public interaction and play.

Pause resembles a ‘comma’ in plan, and is a place to pause, to shift thinking, and to look at alternative ideas.


For details of Cloudscape click the link below:








The Big question is whether you are going to be able

to say a hearty Yes to your Adventure.

– Joseph Campbell



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