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Artistry in Play is a creative small business

located on the mid north coast of NSW in Australia.


A fresh perspective on life  


 My vision is to create immersive public sculptures which offer a way for people to connect, both with themselves and others, and to see the world from a new perspective, offering an opportunity to find hope and meaning.


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I’m Charmaine Grace


Explorer,  Seeker, Wonderer,

Dreamer, Writer, Maker.  

Evolving with

Inspired Expression






Study is my obsession.

Solitude is my escape.

I’m practicing being present more with people.

I like to stay open to all perspectives.

I’m training myself to feel.

I’m learning to appreciate boundaries.

I’m practicing speaking my truth.

I’m facing my fears.

I’m releasing my attachments.

I’m being enlightened.




I grew up in Sydney, Australia with my mum and younger sister Vanessa.

My big vision is the creation of public sculpture pieces that invite all ages to explore, play and connect.  I’ve been on the journey to create Cloudscape since 2015.  It is a whimsical piece that invites people to connect, play and open up to new perspectives.  It is an idealistic vision for world peace.

I studied architecture over a period of 15.5 years and always designed organic buildings.

I’ve trained in aikido since 1998.  It always offers me new ways to grow, explore and understand the world, as well as helping me to be  more aware of my body, to stretch, and to connect playfully with others.

I’m 5 with a 4 wing on the Enneagram.

I’m obsessed with the Enneagram.

I would benefit from doing more gardening (note to self).

I’m always seeking clarity.

Music can be inspiring and add such richness to life.

I have daily rituals that help me to stay on track.

Writing helps me clear my mind.

I’ve always been searching for ‘the meaning of life’ (right now I think it’s a circle).

After a lifetime of avoiding intimacy I have started opening up more to people, including as a care worker in a nursing home.  Connecting with people is an aspect of Life that I have previously avoided.  Having always been extremely private, expressing myself publicly is both profoundly challenging and also liberating.




I have a phobia of interacting on Facebook.  I’m currently deciding whether to give up my fear.

I find communicating via telephone hard work and avoid it at all costs.

Coffee is one of my favourite treats.

Evening beach swims in warm surf are my bliss.  

I love summer.  

I am blessed to live in paradise on the mid-north coast of NSW, Australia.


I’m mum to an almost 12 year old boy, Joey.  He is the joy and light of my life and my favourite creation of all time.  

Joey’s father, Ian, passed away in 2013 at age 74.

I have been on a journey to start my own business since 2012.

I am currently launching my new business, WORDS | CIRCLES | LIFE.

This page, like my life, is in a constant state of evolution.